Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP)
The Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP) is a homelessness prevention program. TPP works with individuals and families with disabilities that are facing eviction as a result of behaviors related to a disability (e.g. mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, aging-related impairments). TPP functions as a neutral party to the landlord and tenant. In consultation with the Western Massachusetts Housing Court Division, TPP assists the property owner and tenant to determine whether the disability can be reasonably accommodated and the tenancy preserved. TPP case managers assess the reasons for the eviction, identify gaps in services, locate eligible services and develop a plan to implement those community based services to maintain the tenancy. TPP can monitor the engagement of services and the housing situation for a period of 18 months in some cases. TPP provides regular updates to all parties involved in the case (i.e. the Court, service providers, property owner, and tenant). Though not a housing search program, if the tenancy cannot be preserved, TPP coordinates the tenant’s transition to a more appropriate placement, preventing homelessness whenever possible. TPP also provides intensive housing search for disabled individuals that require assistance with filling out applications and/or locating appropriate housing.

Case Management Assistance:
TPP will provide transitional case management services to stabilize a housing issue until a permanent community based service provider can be identified and engage with the tenant. TPP will monitor the engagement to insure that it’s the best fit and the housing situation is stabilized long term. TPP will also assist clients to maximize their income and refer them to all eligible service that may enhance the tenant’s budget.( e.g. fuel assistance, SNAP, Social Security, DTA benefits, etc.) TPP Service Coordinators are asked to regularly visit the homes of their clients to gain a better perspective on planning appropriate remedies for the housing instability.

Consultation Services
TPP is available to network and discuss any housing issue where a disabled person is involved.
TPP services have been available for over 10 years in Berkshire County. Through the work we have accomplished in this community (Berkshire County), we have acquired a vast knowledge of appropriate resources and we are ourselves housed within the premier housing assistance agency for this county, BCRHA. TPP is willing to assist any provider, landlord or tenant to assess for our services or to refer to more appropriate community agencies.