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Main # 413-443-7138 or 1-800-248-9002
Fax# 413-443-8137

Normal Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Staff & Phone Extensions

Brad Gordon – Executive Director x216

Alyssa Capitanio-Director of Office Operations x223

Kristen Curtin – Director of Housing Services, Mediation Programming & SSVF Housing Search x213

Kayla Wendling- Mediation Center Coordinator x212

Jim Hamilton – Foreclosure Counselor x210

Kate Alexander – Consumer Services/Mediator x221

Kim Borden – Director of Tenancy Preservation Program x218

Tammi Dunham- Tenancy Preservation Program Service Coordinator x215

Jeffrey Peck – Tenancy Preservation Program Service Coordinator x231

Jacob Hogue – Youth Resource Case Manager x226

Meghan Blauvelt – Mediator/Housing Counselor x217

Tamara Beet-Hernandez- Housing Search Case Manager  x214